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I work predominantly in mix-media. I work in layers to produce rich textural surfaces and build up intensity. One mark will lead to another, which will then lead to a different mark or texture on another part of the canvas or paper until the work is resolved. Nothing is planned unconditionally.

I may start with one painting and end with another. While working, I envision narratives: a type of visual dialog between the forms and textures on my working surface. I am inspired by nature and often begin with nature, but the work frequently leaves behind the traditional notion of representational painting and moves into the contemporary through the process of building up layer upon layer of paint and texture. Representational forms become paired down - almost abstracted.


In all of this - a strong sense of symbolism remains in my work. As an example, the paintings with grouping of trees painted in a muted palette are in a quiet ballet - a dance that echoes the dance between individuals. The focus on the rich texture of the trunks of trees (not leaves, branches or roots) further strengthens the sense that the trees are also figures. The application of found tree bark to the layers of paint creates another underlying tension in the work, as the textures become an intrinsic part of the painting.  My paintings are objects, which also carry symbolic weight. They hold a dialog between the past and the present.

I often get tired of repetition and frequently like to change either my subject matter or methodology. I consider this as a challenge that will strengthen my work and make me a better artist. I think that every artist has their own artistic imprint; the beauty and exclusivity of their work is portrayed in the manner they project it.

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